Settings and Infrastructure
Campus of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction:

  Main campus setting:

Energy and Climate Change

Smart Building implementation:

Heat exchangers at the university’s boiling house

    A project is being prepared for installation of solar panels in the parking area of the university

   Energy-efficient lamps are used in all buildings of the University:

Double sided- printing policy program is used at university. One side used paper is kept and used to print information on the second side. 80% of all university printers have functions which allow to print double-sided printing at the same time that is easy for university staff to stick to the policy.

A paper-reduced box is placed on each floor of the university. This program is implemented jointly with “ASAN XIDMET” organization and Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.

   Balakhany Sorting Facility

  Balakhani municipal Waste Utilization Landfill

  “Waste to Energy” Plant