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eISSN : 2320-0847  pISSN : 2320-0936
Current Issue February, 2018 (Volume 07 - Issue 02)
LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION – 10th March 2018 
DATE OF PUBLICATION – 20th March 2018
We are pleased to inform you that AJER is going to launch its next issue
(Volume 07, Issue 02). We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in AJER. Papers published   in AJER will receive very high publicity and acquire very high reputation. We publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes. The journal reviews papers within one week of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. Our fast reviewing process is our strength.
Impact factor of AJER (1.308)
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Smooth, simple and timely publishing of review and research articles.
Features & Benefits of AJER Authors:
 ü  Fast & Easy paper publishing process.
ü  AJER provides individual “American National Engineering
ü  Database (ANED)”
ü  Number to every article.
ü  AJER provides individual “Digitally Signed E-Certificate” to all Authors.
 All submitted papers will be subjected to a strict review process. Authors are reminded to follow the formatting requirement of the paper. Please refer to AJER2017 Paper template for formatting requirements.  All accepted papers from AJER 2018 will be published in the  American   journal of Engineering Research (online issue ISSN 2320-0847) (print issue ISSN 2320-0936)  (Indexed by Google Scholar, Ulrich Periodicals, EBSCO HOST, CSA, CAB Abstract, DOAJ) Manuscripts that is suitable for AJER is following as and it is not only within this subjects  
ü  Chemical Technology,
ü  Computer Science,
ü  Software Engineering,
ü  Construction,
ü  Electrical and Nuclear Engineering,
ü  Environmental Engineering,
ü  Environmental Technology,
ü  General and Civil Engineering,
ü  Process Engineering. 
ü  Hydraulic Engineering,
ü  Industrial Engineering,
ü  Production and Operations Management,
ü  Total Quality Management,
ü  Materials and Mechanical Engineering,
ü  Mining and Metallurgy,
ü  Military Science,
ü  Technology in General,
ü  Transportation,
 Authors are required to submit the full paper (PDF and Word format)  to the AJER@EDITORMAILS.COM 
Author need to choose only one journal